ParisTech counts on recruiting international students from Colombia

An official dinner at the Elysée Palace on the occasion of a visit to France by the Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, provided an opportunity for Jean-Philippe Vanot and Elisabeth Crépon to meet their opposite numbers.

Since the Institute instigated its coordinated recruitment drive for international students, Brazil, China and Russia have been prioritised as target countries. In 2014 ParisTech decided to widen its sphere of action and concentrate on a new Latin American region: Colombia.

Consequently, at the start of the 2015 academic year, the ParisTech Grandes Écoles will be welcoming their first Colombian students, recruited during the 2014 coordinated admissions campaign.

Colombia has a large number of students with excellent profiles, and we hope they will join engineering training courses at the Grandes Écoles in our network. During Juan Manuel Santos’s visit to France, Jean-Philippe Vanot, the President of ParisTech, and Elisabeth Crépon, the Director of ENSTA ParisTech and President of the Institute’s international committee, were invited to the Elysée Palace with the aim of consolidating existing partnerships and developing new prospects.

As a result, discussions took place with the Colombian delegation about the many opportunities for developing training partnerships, exchanges and cooperative ventures with Colombia.

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