The first Data Science Game is a resounding success

The conviction that Data and Mega-Data Science constitute a major challenge for society has been a longstanding theme for ParisTech and its schools, which have implemented a large number of initiatives in this field with the establishment of Masters and Advanced Masters courses, continuing education, and the creation of teaching and research chairs. In keeping with this theme, ParisTech and 3 Grandes Écoles from the ParisTech network launched the first Data Science Game challenge over the weekend of 20th June 2015.


What is the Data Science Game?

This is a one-off international competition for students on the theme of Big Data (or mega-data) problems. The event – instigated by ParisTech, ENSAE ParisTech, Telecom ParisTech and ENSTA ParisTech – was supported by big groups such as Google and Capgemini.

During an amicable internet-based stage between May and June 2015 the teams had the chance to familiarise themselves with the data.

The final stage of the competition took place over the weekend of 20th June. In the Data Science Game 20 international teams, each comprising 4 students, competed to the best of their ability to solve a complex set of problems on the specific theme of categorising YouTube videos, by harvesting and analysing massive data.

Each video was associated with a single category, so competitors had to use all the available data to categorise these videos: titles, descriptions, length, commentaries, dates, formats, etc. And the teams had a learning game containing 240,000 videos on which they could try their models out.


Final results

Congratulations to the Russian team from Moscow State University (MSU) who won this first competition with a score of over 75% (corresponding to the rate of correct answers provided by the model). But the other teams did pretty well too!


TOP 5:

1. Russia: Moscow University 

2. Italy: Rome University

3. France: Telecom ParisTech

4. Netherlands: Amsterdam University

5. United Kingdom: Imperial College


This competition, supported by, Sanofi, Ekimetrics, Fondation ParisTech and Capgemini Consulting, was a resounding success, and ParisTech congratulates all the teams and sponsors.


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