The Diplômes Grandes Écoles

diplôme grande école etudiants

The Grandes Écoles grouped within ParisTech offer:

  • 11 Engineering degrees 
  • 1 Grande École Management degree - HEC Paris


Diplôme d'ingénieur - MSc in Engineering

The ParisTech engineering Grandes Écoles provide their students with a thorough education in the engineering sciences, as well as expertise in a scientific field. They also provide courses in management that enable any young graduate to develop the necessary skills. 

The advantages of the education:

  • a strict selection of candidates and a limited number of pupils allow for individual monitoring 
  • a level of excellence in mathematics and computer science  
  • multi-disciplinary studies and the acquisition of working methods  
  • access to economics, management and communication 
  • a teaching body involving permanent lecturer-researchers and working professionals 
  • quality of teaching methods

The Grandes Écoles maintain close links with companies: 

  • compulsory internships occur throughout the education period
  • interaction between the Écoles' research laboratories and the R&D centres of companies facilitates the innovation and transfers of technology.

Diplôme Grande École de Management - MSc in Management with HEC Paris

The HEC Paris Grande École programme recruits students without work experience, who are chosen for their potential, in the 1st and 2nd year by examination in France and abroad. 

The HEC Paris degree is endorsed by the Ministry for National Education, Higher Education and Research. It confers the grade of Master. Internationally, the HEC Paris degree is a Master of Science in Management. 

HEC Paris has the task of training for careers in management. The Grande École provides a comprehensive and individualised curriculum in the disciplines of management and in other disciplines, in direct contact with decision-making issues in the business world. 

The international dimension of the curriculum is very pronounced due to the growing number of academic exchange opportunities, double-degree agreements, and internships abroad.  


The ParisTech Grandes Écoles