The ParisTech community


ParisTech wants to strengthen the feeling of belonging in its community by focusing its attention on the Grandes Écoles, students, and professors, while drawing on the experience of its alumni. The ParisTech network intends to develop a common culture based on its distinctive values and the characteristics of its brand.

ParisTech Alumni

ParisTech Alumni  is dedicated to bringing together all the graduates from the 10 Grandes Écoles in its network.
Committed to supporting the development of ParisTech, the alumni organisations, decided to combine their efforts within ParisTech Alumni. This network represents a total of nearly 200,000 alumni.

Union ParisTech

Union ParisTech brings together the Student Offices (BDE) of the ParisTech Grandes Écoles. Its aim is to organise and promote the tie between the Grandes Écoles' students’ organisations.
It leads and promotes joint organisation activities.  Union ParisTech runs joint events such as the ParisTech Tournament or ParisTech Night.

Fondation ParisTech

Fondation ParisTech, founded by decree in April 2010, aims to help develop higher education and scientific and technological research at both French and international level.  
It is a state-approved foundation and was created at the initiative of ParisTech with the support of large industrial groups, which are all higher education and research partners.

APETICE: teaching support by lecturer-researchers

Committed to pedagogic quality in education, the relevant lecturers of the member Grandes Écoles trained 80 lecturers and educational managers on subjects such as:

  • oral assessment of students and in experimental situations
  • designing an educational website
  • designing teaching methods

To encourage sharing, the team made the Apetice website available to the ParisTech community, while continuing to develop workshops.

Juniors ParisTech

Juniors ParisTech is the organisation which brings together the Junior-Enterprises of the Grandes Écoles to ensure maximum visibility.  It helps develop the variety and complementary nature of the range of courses in the larger engineering and management Grandes Écoles in France.  

Juniors ParisTech encourages the exchange of good practices between organisations and guarantees the quality of the services offered, in the same way as the National Confederation of Junior Enterprises which it is affiliated to.

The ParisTech Grandes Écoles